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Project Management

High quality projects start with high quality planning. 

If you don't have an IT team to help you handle all the ins and outs of managing a project, rely on Gessic. We use the industry leading tools and methodologies to ensure your resources are efficiently used to create a high quality end product.



Feasibility Study

Some projects benefit greatly from doing a feasibility study before planning out the project. During this stage, the costs and timelines are evaluated against business needs to determine if the project is worth doing.


Risks factors that might interrupt or otherwise affect service are evaluated, and whether the required product can meet certain security and accuracy thresholds, to prevent liability against unforeseen circumstances. 

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Clarifying the scope of your project is crucial to its success, as it affects all aspects of planning and implementation. 

A clear identification of what needs to be accomplished creates an efficient roadmap of tasks, and a position to track activities, resources, and costs of the project.  

Ultimately, a well defined scope ensures no missed features, no wasted resources and no repetition in your code. And the more detailed the scope, the more accurate the timeline and cost estimates



Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 1.30.30 AM.png


A clear breakdown of what work will be completed at what time takes the guesswork out of your business. A detailed and accurate timeline will help you:

  • Set and Manage Clear Expectations 

  • Align Business and Project Goals

  • Ensure Nothing Falls Through Cracks

  • Makes Descisions Based on Priorities

  • Respond Quickly to Surprises

Accurate cost estimates helps you forecast the resources required, and the costs invloved to execute a high quality project on time and under budget.

You can expect proven cost estimation techniques , so you can plan your project, your way. In the face of continually updating requirements, we provide both top-down and bottom up estimations - This means costs are continually refined throughout the project, so you always know where you stand.

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